Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seeds are source of protein, omega-3, omega-6, fiber and minerals. Our Hemp Protein powder is available in Organic and Non-GMO certified. Add the powder to smoothies and favorite baking recipes to boost your fiber and protein daily intake.

  • Hemp Protein Powder

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Hemp Seeds, Shelled

Hemp Seeds are source of protein, omega-3, omega-6, fiber and minerals. To obtain our Hulled Hemp Seeds, we remove the shell from the seed and keep only the hemp heart which is known to have a nutty flavor and being very smooth. Our Hulled Hemp Seeds are available in Organic or Non-GMO varieties. Add Seeds to smoothies, salads, cereal and yogurts to boost your diet.

  • Hemp Seeds, Shelled

    This superfood from Canada is constantly growing in popularity within the Western cultures as an addition to your daily diet. There are 46 varieties of Hemp among which the “sativa” that provides the highest fiber content which seeds are used as a food.

    This plant, cultivated for centuries to make textile, paper, ropes, plastic and many other applications, is now promoted for its health benefits such as high content in proteins and omega. Hemp is usually seeded between May and June to be harvested about 4 months after.
    These seeds can be enjoyed out of the bag or added to your smoothies, breakfasts, breads, salads and many other healthy recipes!

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  • Benefits

    Hemp seeds are a complete protein. They are also a good source for omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It promotes healthy cellular development, and has properties including: reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, containing anti-inflammatory, improving circulation, and promoting a healthy immune system. The recommended daily intake is 42 grams.

  • Trail Mix


    1 cup Raw Almonds

    1 cup Hemp Seeds

    ½ cup Pumpkin Seeds

    ½ cup Walnuts

    ½ cup of dried cranberries



    1. Mix all ingredients in a bag


    *****Add chocolate chips for an added treat