At NSI, quality is our top priority. We follow best-in-class food safety procedures for all our products. Quality is a constant focus: from supply to processing, packaging, and distribution.

We ensure our quality standards are met by controlling every aspect of the production chain. We carefully select our products and strive for minimal processing. The handling and packaging of all products are carried out in a facility with HACCP, GMP and Global Food Safety Initiative approved certification standards for third party audits such as BRC and SQF. For products susceptible to non-compliance with California Proposition 65, we test for heavy metals and guarantee compliance. We ensure a plate count and microbial load that is safe for human consumption.

Quality checks are carried out throughout the entire production chain. We guarantee the integrity of our packaging which are sealed and labeled with a lot number and “best by” date. We also work with the most recognized laboratories across the world to run third party lab analysis at different step of the supply chain.

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